We’ve been apart too long, my muse and I


Inspirational, metaphorical, intense

Defined and even sometimes irrational

A mystical lover, my muse is to me


No more late night hours

Or early morning inspired poetry


Your musical voice to my inspirational thoughts now silent

Quieted inside of me

I’m missing all that once was and still could be


My mind and body yearning for that flow of poetry

Brimming from deep within


The creative process touches me, moves me,

Enters every inch of my being

To set on fire and ignite

All that pours so intensely out of my soul

On to the pages so sweet

This is what my muse inspires from deep inside of me


This poetry that flows like warm oil down the spine

Setting off all my sensual alarms


My body quivers as my soul convulses

When my lover releases my flow

Kissing my mind, opening those parts of me

Thought to be reserved


Longing to be inspired, tortured by creative desire

Captured, alive, ignited by wondrous, mystical,

Unbridled and passionate creativity


O muse, my mystical and sensual lover

Continue to speak to me with that poetry so sweet