Book Cover2011


Ventilating air


Confusing and so obsessed


A crack of lightening opens the skies

Clash of the titans


A roll of thunder readjusting the heavens

Making you pain like I do


Holding you, touching you, feeling you, seeing you


Faking through the pain of each day

Drowning in this overwhelming and exhausting devastation

Of broken trust

As I laugh to myself just to keep from crying,

At least I try


For my emotions are overflowing like a volcano

Erupting with fiery fury

Molting ash and rock scorching the essence

Of my souls heart


Like dry earth or dessert sand

I’m lost


Searching for a sense of calm

In all this chaos


My heart and pulse

Racing like it’s out of control, trying to catch my breath


The reality of the moment

Hits me like a boxing glove to the gut


I can’t breathe

For my very air and every breath I take are connected with you

And right now you are absent


Lost and caught up in this tornado of your making

 Outside of we


Causing a path of destruction and devastation

I fear can never be retraced



For your footsteps moving further away

Leaving shards of broken glass

That represents

The hearts of me and you


Casting in the wake of

This overwhelming and chaotic seen

The broken trust of us

Like a fantasy treaty between two enemy kingdoms


My screams so deafening

They break the sound barrier

Exploding my eardrums and rupturing the foundation

Of our fairytale love


Functionality an illusion

For I’m engulfed in a haze of confusion

That has dulled my senses and sharpened the daggers

Of my inner most conscience


If hurt experienced was a sword

Mine would be as deadly as the one

The ninja warrior executes with precision

Eliminating the culprit with one slice


Hate isn’t strong enough and condemnation is too easy


For the love I have desired

I fear was a dream centuries before


For pains of mistrust

Violating the air and readjusting

The heavenly realm of we