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Calling all parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends of 3 – 6 yr olds, teachers and pets! If you are looking for beautiful children’s books, then look no further. The Rosie & Pa Dug In The Garden Series is newly launched.

¨ Everything in the garden serves a purpose

¨ Basic science in rhyme with beautiful illustrations for ages 3—6

¨ Easy learning and teaching

¨ Onomatopoeia for fun!

There is magic in the most ordinary things. In the first story, we meet Rosie & Pa Dug and learn how, even when it rains, it is good cause for a celebration ~ splashing, singing and jumping ~ not to mention helping Pa Dug in the garden. Wellingtons Boots serve a good purpose.

In the second story: Wollee The Worm, we see how just an ordinary wriggly, pink worm brings food to the table. At first, Rosie doesn’t believe this:

But standing firm, she shook her head,
“Worm’s cannot do what you’ve just said.
Mummy brings the food to table.
Mummy, not the worm, is able.”

The stories are about how everything in the garden serves a purpose, are all written in rhyme by Dr. Niamh Clune and illustrated by the fabulous Marta Pelrine-Bacon. Children learn basic science through rhyme, rhythm and art. What could be better?

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Niamh is the author of the Skyla McFee series: Orange Petals in a Storm, and Exaltation of a Rose. Also author of The Coming of the Feminine Christ. Dr. Niamh Clune worked in Africa for Oxfam and UNICEF in her career as a psychotherapist. She is the founder of Plum Tree Books, an award-winning social entrepreneur, an environmental campaigner and a singer/songwriter.