John’s Love

By: Author J.J. Valentine


A truly magnificent story of love that transcends life, death and forever…….

I’m taken into this read by the hand and lead to a place of pure and utter Love. I am truly touched and mesmerized by the way in which the Author creates a love between two individuals that spans through multiple life times, but more importantly touches you through the greatest love of all. The Love of a Heavenly Father that through every circumstance, situation and crisis…..gives your heart and soul the hope of a true and passionate love affair that takes you from not just the physical, but transcends the Supernatural…..

I found myself so gripped at times that I couldn’t breathe. Then at other times my tears wouldn’t stop flowing….. I love the way “Author J.J. Valentine” truly touched the core of each and every human emotion. I found myself praying and calling on God to help John and Sarah. To give them the strength they needed to hold on, forgive themselves and to continue to believe. Even through the constant torment of the evil one, and the triumphant power of the Love of two people, their Faith in God and the truth that Good can surely Triumph over evil…..that no matter what it looks like, feels like or what anyone else says it is, it’s only what God says it is. And yes, free will may alter and even reunite your destiny…..but in the end Love and Faith in God fulfills your destiny, and it’s even better than you can even dream or imagine.

I want to say gracias to the author for touching my very soul in so many ways……and for helping to reaffirm my absolute Faith in Love and God. A definite 5 Stars!!! Your life will be transformed forever and for the better!!!


Reviewed By De Ann Townes Jr. Author of “Peer Inside My Soul and See Me” and “A King Among Prince” (WaAr)