Wanda the Witch

By: Author Amelia Picklewiggle

A truly enchanting and spooky read…..

As I started to read “Wanda the Witch” I was taken back to when I was a child. This is the perfect read for this time of year, especially coming up towards Halloween. “Author Amelia Picklewiggle” draws her readers into a story filled with everything needed for a recipe for magic, fun and amazement.

Being an artist, right away I was struck by the artistry and attention to details on each page and with each character and every aspect of the world within the pages. I truly think that this is one of the most engaging read that a child or a parent reading to a child can read and enjoy for years to come……

“Author Amelia Picklewiggle” is an Amazingly Talented writer!!! I truly recommend this book to everyone!!! To a child or a child at heart, no matter your age, you will love reading “Wanda the Witch”. I will definitely be reading this book over and over to my grandchildren, and giving it as gifts.

A truly magical and enchantingly spooky read of fun!!! A definite 5 Stars!!!

Reviewed By: De Ann “Native” Townes Jr. Author of “Peer Inside My Soul and See Me” and “A King Among Prince”