Book Cover2011


{A Page from within my soul…….}

©You Are the Artist and Creator of My Masterpiece




Mi amor

You want to know what turns me on, ummmm……….


Stimulate what makes me smile, and that will make me happy


Caress my mind, lick my ego, and touch my soul

Make love to my senses, grip my heart!


Think of me like one big canvas, inside and out

And you are the artist and creator of my masterpiece


As your brush of love touches my DNA

With your paint in the colors of passion and eroticism


In this world of noise

That makes my heartbeat sound like thunder through the clouds

I can hear the whispers of our love

Through the screams of our passion


Together we are passion and eroticism incarnate

We love, give and create

With the same cherished passion

It’s all we know, it’s who we are


Being mere mortals in love is what we resist and shall never become

Our love is beyond imagination


We don’t know how to do anything else or be anyone else

And those two people as one

Is who we are and that’s

Eternally in love with we!!!!


So mi amor, I’ll be your canvas



Be that great artist and creator of your masterpiece

On me


“Mi esposo, te amo tanto, sonrisa…..”