The Magic Paintbrush Book 1

A True Prince Book 2

Where Friendship and Imagination Bloom……

I’m taken back to a time in my childhood where my imagination was my constant friend as I read through the pages of Author Jodi Stone’s stories. Tea parties with my dolls my stuffed animals, and even my fairy friends. Wishing that a frog would really somehow be a prince with a kiss, as I played with my imaginary friends also.

The life tools and lessons through a child wanting to be inspired as they paint, color, draw, and also a child’s desire to have a friend that loves them for who they are and for what they love and do, even if it’s different from what someone else does.

To accept yourself and another as this story touches you one page at a time. What a wonderful and expressive way to tell a child. The artistry through the illustrations in this beautiful read touched me truly. Being an artist myself, this desire starting from childhood, I was able to relate to this story in so many ways. Even the poet in me that started journaling at 4 years old understood that a positive message from within, from a friend and even a book can give hope that cultivates an impressionable young heart and mind to grow and become whatever their dreams are truly meant to be.

Two stories in one was a Blessing. Gracias to Author Jodi Stone for reminding everyone who reads this, be it child or adult, that to only believe and accept your worth and the worth of another, is the greatest gift of all. A definite 5 Stars!!!! (WaAr)

Read and Reviewed by: De Ann “Native” Townes Jr. Author of (Peer Inside My Soul and See Me) and (A King Among Prince) (A Children’s Book).