Super Heroes at its Best with a Twist!!!!

I went into this read with totally no expectation what so ever. A total open mind and I was pleasantly surprised. The flow of this wonderful read is amazing, fast and exciting. I was jettisoned right back to my childhood as I ravished each and every page. They are humans that find themselves through certain circumstances with superpowers that makes their lives awesome, hectic and even times absolutely miserable……

I can say I enjoyed the comic book feel of this read, but wished that pictures would have accompanied the amazing writing. Author Gary Henry has a truly brilliant way of making you feel that you are right in the middle of everything that’s going on…..

You will find yourself cheering; wishing things could be different and happy when certain things take place. There were some explicit sex scenes that for me personally took away from the childhood comic book feel. But in connection with the entire story and flow, I guess it was necessary and Author Gary Henry pulls it off excellently well.

Finding myself caught up in the emotions of the characters I can say that you will laugh, get angry, agree and wish for more. As you glide through the pages of this wonderfully written read. A definite 5 Stars and I truly recommend this book to anyone ages 18 and older, but only because of the sexual content. Looking for something with Brilliance, Action and Flare? Then this is your read. (WaAr) Read 5 de Febrero-February 2014.

Read and Reviewed By: De Ann “Native” Townes Jr. Author of (Peer Inside My Soul and See Me) and (A King Among Prince)