Behind the secrets of our eyes

Curiosity piquing

As the mixture of intensified attachment and detachment

Swirls within me

The very instant you disappeared from view


The significance of this event between us




Because of you, the symbolic nature of what I can’t be sure


Feeling at home in your embrace

In a way I could never be outside of it

I fell with ease and intensity of a love and passion

I’ve never felt nor regretted, before you


Without questioning

My heart took a leap and landed in the path of your soul

The enormous impact of our collision

Knocked my head back and exposed my very essence

Overflowing me with a completeness

I never want to live without

Love arresting us


As we touched

 I felt the jolt of our collectively shared life force pass between us

Our separate selves no longer a factor, we two are now forever one


Not only to connect

But to intermingle and combine us in a way

That not even the pull of gravity can hold us apart


Collective self-possession


We are wretched with vulnerability

Every inch of our bodies

A secret waiting to be discovered

The passion we feel

Longs to be revealed

All of our untold and tucked away treasures from within one another


Allowing ourselves for these few magical moments

To dwell in the majestic mysteries of you and I

As we lovingly explore and go beyond

The limitless boundaries

 And hidden treasures of one another


Like a ghost whisper

Leaving a trace, illuminating the light within our souls heart


Constrained by nothing, our imagination taking flight

Shimmering in the horizon of our self created sunrise


While the sound of our hearts beat to a passionate and musical rhythm

Your saliva pooling as your mouth waters

While taking in the aromatic scent of the delectable aroma

Of my very essence

Manifestations of our megalomania are distinctly phallic


Your gracious sweep of my body as I ravish yours

Echo’s of liquid gold now flowing like water

As we quench and hydrate


Sexual theory in practice electrifying our senses

Feeling the electrically charged currents of ecstasy

Passing between us

Breathlessly blowing our minds

As passion permeates every inch of our bodies intertwined

Our kisses fortifying the intensity between you and me

As we flow


Feelings of an amazing rush of building overflow

Our collective body heat igniting the flames

Forming within us, showers of happiness


As I’m touching you all I can think……


Giving up forever to be with you

My anticipated goal

For this moment in time as one, the only space I want to occupy