A truly triumphant and inspirational read!!!

Welcome inside of a world that not only mirrors the reality in our world today, but also the world I myself am personally from being a Native American Indian. As I began to read I was touched by the incredible courage and strength of the main character Abree. Her determination to overcome her current hardships and to be a pivotal change through the horrible circumstances she finds not only herself, but of those who are closes to her.

It’s amazing how a story written with such eloquence and emotion can touch you. Author Dianne Gardner has done just that. I felt all the emotions of a little girl so long ago sitting and listening to the Native stories being told to me by my grandmothers, which were also my parent’s, and how even then those stories and circumstances could apply to the ever changing but still the same world we live in today.

Brilliantly and with such exceptional vision and ease, Author Dianne Gardner creates a visually alive world within the pages of her novel that you will find yourself so drawn in, that you will have to pause and question if it is not your reality. Perfection at its best, a truly awe inspiring and triumphantly amazing read!!! (WaAr)

Read and Reviewed By: De Ann Townes Jr. Author of (Peer Inside My Soul and See Me) and (A King Among Prince)