A truly heartwarming and touchingly romantic read……

This is one for the ages. From the beginning, it touches your emotions within the friendship of Bree and Todd, and their special love for each other.

Then as they are parted, they each encounter some life altering circumstances in their personal lives. Through the loss of a parent, the unexpected pregnancy and birth of a child, to the reuniting of two people who have to truly find their way back to the love and care of one another.

Yes, a little precious being named Amber helps to solidify this union on some points. But it takes love, care and the respect of each other and of themselves personally. With the love and help of those around them, their eyes are opened to the beauty that was and can be once more.

Author Aneesa Price does a beautiful job in expressing and executing a wonderful and impressively genuine great read. It is truly heartwarmingly romantic and will touch your emotions. Romance that spans time and will brighten your day. ~WaAr~ Read and Reviewed on 17 de Febrero/February 2014.

Read and Reviewed By: De Ann ‘Native’ Townes Jr. Author of {Peer Inside My Soul and See Me} and {A King Among Prince}