A Charming Tale…..

Author Dvora Swickle has done again what she does best….. By taking the everyday learning tools, and making them truly interesting for children of all ages. This quaint little story reminded me of a few different fairy tales and stories from my childhood. From Puss and Boots, The Princess and the Pea to the Rhyme of The Shoemaker. I found myself pausing to remember those stories that I loved as a child and how they made me feel. Creative and innovating, this story teaches little ones of acceptance, differences and overcoming your fears by trying new things. It also teaches that accepting help when your problems seem to hard, can be a good thing. This is a truly wonderful and educational read. ~WaAr~

Read and Reviewed By: De Ann ‘Native’ Townes Jr. Author of {Peer Inside My Soul and See Me} and {A King Among Prince}