I feel it’s time to put the spotlight on a few people that are helping me behind the scenes. Today I’m introducing Wanda Hartzenberg, editor, reader and dear friend.

Since my usual editor, Deborah Wall began travelling the world and teaching English to people with even greater need of her talent than me, I had to find someone to replace her before I was able to publish “Conditions“.

Wanda profile pic

Wanda Hartzenberg is an avid reader,
( On Goodreads she is currently listed as:
#18 top reader
#1 top reviewer
#12 best reviewer)

she is head of several review groups (Wanda’s Amazing Amazon Reviewers on Facebook for example https://www.facebook.com/groups/328607697211329/
and WaAr Reviewer Reward Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1395755427335631/ ).
And she runs her own blog: http://tattlet.blogspot.co.uk/

She has also co-writtenThe Struggle of Me and released her short story Suicide Song.

Wanda has years of experience under her belt and was one…

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