10th Annual Flash Prose Contest #WRITERS #IARTG

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

WriterAdvice  seeks flash fiction, memoir, and creative non-fiction running
750 words or less. Enlighten, dazzle, and delight us. Finalists receive
responses from all judges.
DEADLINE: Submit to the  10th WriterAdvice  Flash Prose Contest  by
April 21, 2015.
JUDGES: Former prizewinners, Gretchen Clark and Lili Flanders and
Carl Small will judge. Read their pieces and biographies by clicking on
PRIZES: First Place earns $200; Second Place earns $100; Third Place
earns $50; Honorable Mentions will also be published.
1. Include your name, contact information, and title in the
cover letter, but only include your title in the submission
so it remains anonymous.
2. Tell us if the submission is fiction or memoir in the cover
3. Since we judge these anonymously, please don’t tell us
your background or where you’ve been published. If you
are a finalist, we’ll ask for a bio.

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