A Tour Through Blogland Award and Karma in the Writing World ~WaAr~

Same Face Different Place

I am honoured to have been nominated to take part in “A Tour Through Blogland” or also known as “The Virtual Blog Tour Award.”

My nominator, Wanda Hartzenburg wears many hats; she lives across the other side of the world from me, in South Africa and is also an author. She wrote her first story at the age of 4 (I wrote mine when I was 6) and like me, she enjoys writing and cooking. Her two books ‘Suicide Song’ and ‘The Struggle of me’ are both available on Amazon. I mainly know Wanda through her Facebook Group, Wanda’s amazing Amazon Reviewers which you can read about in my a short article.


To kick off this blog tour, she asked me to answer these 4 questions:

1- Why write? Why not sing, dance or figure skate?

Writing seems to be ingrained in my soul. I started when I was six. I filled up…

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