A Brilliant Author!!!



Today I am introducing the very talented writer Aneesa Price. As reviewer I get asked to read a lot of fantasy, horror, romance and paranormal novels and while I am not entirely ‘at home’ in those genres, occasionally I come across writers that manage to change that. Aneesa is one of them. I have actually read her entire work by now. Here is an interview with Aneesa and an overview of her work thus far afterwards.

Hi Aneesa, please tell us a little about yourself as a person and as author.You write Romance as well as paranormal stuff. Which genre came first and do you find one easier than the other?

Thus far I’ve written contemporary romance, paranormal romance and a paranormal erotica. The general theme to my work is romance and / or paranormal. With each book I write, I experiment – writing in the third versus first person…

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