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100_0788-2End of the Rainbow – A Brief Synopsis

Today, racism is a major problem in the United States. Our world is multicolored and multicultural; that’s alright with most of us. Yet, many whites still believe that no good blacks have ruined this country. The opinions of whites and that of blacks are vis-à-vis—like standing in front of a mirror and seeing everything in reverse order. Blacks believe that white racists are the problem, and both groups fail to recognize that the problem is common to both races. However, if those erroneous stigmas do not change—and change soon—then whatever America is today is what she will be for a long time to come.

Racism comes at the expense of every person in this country. It slows down progress, because every member of society is bound by the same ugly anchor that they must drag day in and day out. Racial hatred…

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