51Jz8BoUzGL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_I recently came across an excellent book: “Finding The Rainbow” by Rachel McGrath. I was hugely impressed with this true tale of a hope and endurance. Here is a snippet from one of many 5* Amazon reviews:

The book takes us through the author’s failed pregnancies and her attempts to get pregnant in minute detail, taking us onto the emotional and physical rollercoaster ride that her life has been. 

This is a very impressive book. The author must have found it quite difficult to open up so much about her personal experience of trying to get pregnant and I applaud her for her courage.

I imagine this to be very useful to people who are in the same situation. I know a few couples in my circle of friends who are challenged in the reproductive area and so I thought that I knew a fair bit about the problems that…

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