ludwika book concept (1)My new novel Ludwika starts in Przedborów Poland, October 1939.
When we think about 1939 we immediately think World War 2 and when we do so, we think Holocaust, Concentration Camps and Jews.

Although we know that Hitler’s invasion of Poland kicked off WW2, we tend to know about Stalingrad, the Battle of Britain and the landing of the Allies on D Day.

If we think about Poland at all, we think of the Warsaw Ghetto, The Warsaw Uprising and little beyond that.

I say we, because that was me, until last year. A conversation with a friend of Polish ancestry made me wonder what life in occupied Poland would have been like.

Border Regions were annexed into the German Reich. With the frequent changes of the borders of Poland and Germany many Polish Citizens at the time were Germans or Aryans and they were immediately accepted as members of the enlarged…

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