Wings A Journey in Faith


Jesus went to the mountains when he needed a break from ministering. I go to the movies. I sit in the dark and let myself go. Nothing gets to me there. It’s too dark to write; I can’t read; there are no animals to feed, no housework or watering to do and I can’t even text on my cell phone! I love it.

Sometimes we tend to overdo it, being so intense, serious and religious; we don’t make time for fun and relaxation. It’s just not healthy and it’s not God’s will. He wants us to enjoy what He’s given us. That means we get to experience our God-given emotions of happiness, mirth, and pleasure.

I know we’re not to base all of our decisions on what makes us feel good. But we’re not to deny ourselves either. Balance is a good thing.

In Old Testament times there were feasts throughout…

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