Hayatı ve Eserleri I'VE LEARNED SOME THINGS I've learned one thing from having lived: If you live, you should live it all in full force Your beloved should be exhausted from being kissed You should be exhausted from smelling a flower One could gaze at the sky for hours Could gaze at the sea, a bird, a child To live on earth is to blend into it, with it To extend indestructible roots into it Once you embrace a friend,                you must do so evermore tightly Should you get into a fight,                you must lend it your whole body, your passion And once you lie on the ever so warm sand You should let yourself rest like a grain of sand,                      a leaf, a piece of pebble One must listen to all beautiful music                to the fullest As though filling your entire being with sounds, melodies One should plunge head-on…

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