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Poetry was my first love affair with writing…” – Samuel Peralta

We met when he was a trending twitter poet, @Semaphore, but now Samuel Peralta has shape-shifted from publishing red-hot poetry like Sonata Vampirica to his short story anthology series, Future Chronicles. These hit the No.1 spot on Amazon time after time, and I contributed a short story to his latest, Alt.History 102. In his own words, here’s how he began publishing best-selling anthologies.


by Samuel Peralta

First of all, I’d like to say, thank you Jennifer, for allowing me to put down my thoughts for your blog. I still think of myself as a writer first, and then an accidental anthologist.

Poetry was my first love affair with writing, one I’d built some small reputation on. But after accolades and online success, I’d gone through some soul-searching when one of my manuscripts spent a…

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