Silver Birch Press

Rajapakse (child)Out of Control
by Shirani Rajapakse

Curls on my head move
this way and that
like bougainvillea in
my grandmother’s garden
dancing in
the breeze. They lift
faces to the sky, wave to birds
flying high or murmur
with butterflies
that flutter in looking for nectar and are
surprised there is none
on my head. Ringlets black and shiny
twisting and turning in whatever
direction they desire and not
how I wish. They
will not turn left when
I want them to
preferring to move in
the opposite direction to my command
or curl and swirl
both ways,
one day left the next day right.
There’s never a time when they rest.
A mind of their own
they thrive on being free
to do as they please
while ribbons and bows cannot hold
or reign them in. They break
the rules. Dance to
their own tunes and
will not ever…

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