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NAZI’S CRYSTAL SKULL FOUND; Himmler’s Mayan relic discovered by treasure hunters.

Date: Mar 10, 2011
Words: 312
Publication: The Mirror (London, England)
ISSN: 1462-995X

A MYSTERIOUS crystal skull thought to have belonged to Hitler’s SS chief Heinrich Himmler has been discovered in Germany.
The artefact, found resting on a beam beneath the roof of a house in a Bavarian village, has excited  treasure hunters.  They believe it may be part of a larger trove of  bounty once owned by the most sinister man in Nazi Germany.
Indications  are that it was part of a series worshipped by ancient Mayan cultures in what is  now Mexico – where, legend has it, the skulls are vital to stop the world ending  next year.   Himmler, who oversaw the extermination of Jews, was  spellbound by myths until his suicide after being captured by the British.  He financed expeditions all over the…

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