Silver Birch Press

The world is your oyster
A License to Dream
by Shirani Rajapakse

If I took the wheel I wouldn’t see
trees standing tall lining roads,
a guard of honor as I
pass, bending branches to caress or
gently tap a strange melody on
the hood. I wouldn’t notice expressions
on pedestrians faces, bored, anxious,
wondering why the bus hasn’t arrived as yet,
some talking animatedly on phones
some staring into the distance
cooking the dinner inside their heads
or doing the daily accounts. I might not
catch the dogs lively discussion at
the side of the shop or the angry man
berating the bus driver who almost knocked him
down in his haste to gather commuters.
I wouldn’t be able to stare at people inside shops
wondering what they are doing,
admire the fancy window dressing
that tells me that would be something I
might need. I’d fail to chance on dreams peeping
out of…

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