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Welcome to a  lovely heart-warming post form Native American De Ann Townes. De Ann has long been a true friend to Plum Tree Books. She has supported and contributed to all of our anthologies, and it is with great pleasure that I introduce her poet’s soul to you. De Ann is unashamedly passionate in her words and in the way she lives her life. Thank you De Ann for being with us in the plum tree today. I hope you will also enjoy this wonderful picture of Sir Henry Taylor that I have found to accompany De Ann’s lovely post. It is a photograph by genius British photographer Julia Margaret Cameron 1815 – 1875 and is a study of  King David  ~ one of De Ann’s favourite psalmists and poets.Study_of_King_David,_by_Julia_Margaret_Cameron

Why I love poetry? Let’s see…

By De Ann Townes

Poetry is the morning dew that lightly glistens on the…

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The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

My fifth book, The Day I Saw The Hummingbird, wil very soon to go to print. While the last preparations are underway, I wanted to share the cover and synopsis with my cyber friends. As the sales from my last book are starting to dwindle, it is my hope that my good luck continues with this book. That would mean a whole lot more dogs will be rescued from kill shelters. So far to date this year, 2017, we’re at 763 dogs saved. I’m deeply grateful for the success my books have achieved and the benefit so many dogs have received. And to all the kindhearted people doing what they can to help a dog, to help another animal, to help a human being, to help our beloved planet in any way-large or small, BLESS YOU.

I’ll do a post when my book goes on Amazon. Meanwhile wishing you all…

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Red Wolf Editions

dah gauguin cover1

Dah’s poetry collection, Say This In A Whisper, should perhaps come with an advisory: there are sexually charged poems such as “How To Love A Lover”, “Summer, Ocean”, “Pulsar” and “Underwater, Still Breathing”.

Their nexus is the relationship between lovers which leaves you in no doubt about where the potency lies. “Summer, Ocean” carves out physical intensity in an almost predictable way yet doesn’t strike you as being facile:

“You, the matador
drinking the bull’s blood
Me, the bull goring you into ecstasy
until we lay finished off
our bodies trembling
smelling of ocean summers”

The collection’s first poem, “Oceans Of Rain”, sets a kind of framework by disavowing religion. The speaker is “an old inmate” with the gravitas of age:

“Now, I’ve seasoned
to this gray winter
an old inmate
waiting for light
to reap darkness
waiting for darkness
to bear down

Dah writes with disarming physical candor…

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We invite you to share your most passionate works expressing kindness and human connection and the ways that together we might heal the degradation and devastation of wars and genocides; the heartbreak of refugees living in limbo; the desolation of hunger and famine and environmental catastrophes; the insanity of extrajudicial murders; and the disappointing growth in the West of racial and religious tensions and efforts by various administrations to chill dissent.

Please take this opportunity to join hands and hearts in peace and love: TEAM WITH US for The BeZine 100TPC online “live” event this September 30th (our 6th year) to address peace, sustainability, and social justice through poetry, music (videos), art and anything artistic that can be posted online and accessed through a url link or by responding in the comments section of the event post. The BeZine 100TPC is one of hundreds of events that will be held around…

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To a perfect town where nothing changes, not-so-perfect Janie returns. Determined to make amends with her sister, Brea, Janie finally reveals the hidden reason she left thirty years ago to her first love, Dillon, who is now married to Brea. To add to the chaos, Janie rents a room from a mysterious old black woman only to find unusual guests and a fenced-in backyard that is strictly off limits—with a supernatural legend attached to it. Struggling to make things right while questioning her own sanity, Janie realizes the unbreakable bond with her sister remains and those on the other side of the fence hold the secrets.

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Rich Weatherly - Author

Marriage before Death: WWII Spy Thriller (Still Life with Memories Book 5)by Uvi Poznansky 
Book DescriptionMarriage before Death

After D-Day, her photograph appears on the most-wanted Nazi propaganda posters. Who is the girl with the red beret? She reminds him of Natasha, but no, that cannot be. Why does Rochelle step into his life when he is lead by SS soldiers to the gallows? At the risk of being found out as a French Resistance fighter, what makes her propose marriage to a condemned man?

My Review

Uvi Poznansky raises the stakes in a high stakes story, filled with uncertainty, drama and suspense. After landing on a Normandy beach during D-Day, Lenny finds himself separated from his unit. He is puzzled by a letter Natasha left with him. As far as Lenny knows, Natasha is on a ship bound for America but she reveals an awareness that he will be landing…

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